Silvervine Cat Toys:The Eternal Gifts For Your Cats

13 Dec 2019

Xmas is coming, what are the eternal gifts for your cats year after year? The answer is silver vine cat toys surely.

According to long research with cat toy designer and expert Emily Qi who is donated her professional career more than 17 years long in this segment area, we know that the secret code to this interesting cat toy is Asiasilvervine.

She explained: “Silver vine (Actinidia Polygama) a.k.a【C10H13N】, is a climbing vine plant that grows in China and Japan, It frequently is infested with tiny insects and the insects saliva causes the plant to produce a form of growth hormone, and this chemical secret code make a main role in silvervine cat toys “After long time, this excretion becomes rocky we called ‘gall fruit’, and only these unique fruits can made cat’s ancestors so revel and keep historic memory by DNA. The stronger the concentration of this chemical in the gall, the more obvious the cat's revel behavior.”

image from silvervine cat toy

So, many silver vine origins for cat toys, but which one is the best?

“It’s my hometown far away from my company, it is Northeast China. Due to the geographical and climatic environment of the origin mountain, the chemicals in silver vine cannot be copied by any other origin in the world, which gives the unique charm ‘crack down’ for cats.” and furthermore, “To keep this advantage of biological active ingredients, our farmer partners only hand-picked the wild ‘insect-bited’ silver vine fruits and these galls are harvested before the insects lay the eggs in the fall.” ... “We also don’t accept grafted fruits, these fruits are good for humans, but our cats don’t ‘buy’ them.”

Many common cat owners wonder why cats are so obsessed with silver vine toys, what are the chemicals in it, or do they have physical or mental harm to cats like drugs?

“Hmm, just I mentioned, the gall can make cat’s ancestors so revel and keep historic memory by DNA, this phenomenon is different from the genetic behavior of other animals, such as dogs.” ... “The reason is long, long time ago, from the perspective of natural biological evolution, the palaeogenetics of cat in the ancient SAY that both the Near Eastern and Egyptian ancient cats contributed to the gene pool of the domestic cat at different historical times, finally the Egyptian cat successfully spread throughout the Old World.

image by 2002, Location: Louvre

Cats accompanied all human activities to conquer the world, occupying all land and only Antarctica left.” “Unlike dogs, cats breed much later than most other domestic animals, and all in the bone, the cat has always maintained its inherent genetic characteristics... the cat’s evolution has only accelerated in recent years due to the human DNA interfering tech,they still have a soft spot for silver vine. This raw in the toys is not an artificial addition, it is natural -- The Eternal Gifts”, and “Only in USA, there are more than 74 million cats living in U.S. homes, silver vine can resolve many problems in cats breeding.”

image by 2019, Location: Museum of Cairo

She show us the report: “Cats kept indoors exclusively can become bored and stressed more easily than those who run freely outside, especially in the absence of (good company.),Olfactory stimulation is often overlooked as a means of enrichment

“By Sniffing, the silver vine historic memory revel the cats, and they show an excited Rubbing, Rolling, Raking , Drooling, it enhances the playing time, make them more walking, especially when adopt a new cat in your home, this silver vine cat toy can make your cat calm, and peaceful.”... “we are just designing a new generation of silver vine cat toys for potential usage, for example: Training purposes, medical procedures, transportation as well as boarding.” “By the way, 2 days ago, I notice that a interested‘Morrisons mad cat has to be rehomed because it loves the supermarket so much’, (

A Morrisons-obsessed cat that loved the supermarket so much it stopped going home has had to be rehomed “for her own good”.If you force her to go home, she will be bearing much pressure and becoming noisy, so the better way I suggest that our AsiaSilivine cat toys can help her easily go home and keep the original peaceful life.” So, you can see, our silver vine cat toys are not only your cat’s daily necessaries, but also the Xmas new gifts for them. Let your cats “Revel in Silvervine World” then YOU.

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