The State of Silver Vine Cat Toys in 2020 and Beyond

29 Nov 2019

You know that because of the unique olfactory system of our cats and kittens, they are born to react to the irritant plants, and silver vine is the best among those plants. As we introduced in the previous articles, reactions such as drooling, pupil enlargement, meowing, and a combination of ecstatic facial friction and body rolling, sometimes trying to lick the silver vine, and so on. When you see these reactions of your cats, hey, that means your cats have found the terrific natural “gifts”, and do not worry, these stimulating behaviors are really good for their health, both physical and mental!

Well, if you have any questions about the sources, ingredients or safety of silver vine, you will find very detailed information here.

In fact, with the increasing attention of cat parents to the health of cats, the natural and pollution-free cat toys, have being increased 60% compare to last year according to CIP’S 2019, and become the best choice for all of us in 2020.

During the past week, ASIASILVERVINE has made a great success in CIP’S 2019 (Shanghai)

the world’s largest pet products exhibition. Professional pet products buyers served for different brands and companies from all over the world have chosen the natural silver vine cat toys under ASIASILVERVINE with a very professional insights.

An old saying says that no one can succeed at will! So how does the cat toy of ASIASILVERVINE brand “cattract” so many professional buyers who finally serve the cat parents?

Here you go with several main features of ASIASILVERVINE:

• It is natural and Eco-Friendly. Our raw materials are collected from the best production area of silver vine, which comes from the mountainous area with an altitude of more than 1500 meters in Northeast China. During the whole growth, there is no contact with any pesticide or any chemical products, from rhizome to branches and leaves, the fruits, everything was rewarded by the nature itself.

• High purity, no fake ingredients!! Well, this is very important because people made black money here! Especially the series of pressed products and the leaves in silver vine powder. I know it is difficult to distinguish how many impurities there are. And this part is often the gray area where bad businesses seek huge profits. Low-end impurities are easy to be mixed into the products. In contrast ,in addition to using natural glutinous rice juice for bonding, ASIASILVERVINE do not add any other invalid powder to lower down the cost. From the source to ensure that cats can enjoy this gift from nature.This is also the “Wild Nature” tendency 2020 & beyond.

• Products are diversified, combined with cats’ favorite feathers, and have a variety of interesting shapes.

We know feather is the cat’s favorite! This combination provides the cat with multiple satisfactions. If they temporarily tired of the silver vine you give it, The feathers can offer cats more comforts. What’s more, our designers and product engineers have designed different fabric shapes for cats, such as dragonflies, butterflies, frogs, and even owls, which will become "prey" for cats, making our cats feel like returning to nature without leaving home. This is what we often say, let the cats return to the nature and release their natural instinct!

• Sustainable utilization of resources and environmental protection.

As a responsible brand, ASIASILVERVINE only took the redundant parts of the silver vine trees to carry out resource utilization and product development without damaging the ecological environment. Although our strength is very limited, together with the strength from you and every global consumer who cares about the ecological environment of the earth, we believe we can create a sustainable and long-term future for cats.

In order to love cats, we adhere to the original intention, quality first; in order to love the earth, we develop ASIA silvervine cat toy.

Love our cats, love our nature, let cats “Play in Wild Nature”.

If you have any questions related to our cat products,
please feel free to contact us.