A short article helps to understand Silvervine

26 Mar 2020

Silvervine is a natural gift given to the feline animals from the nature, especially to the cats.

It is also known as Matatabi, or Actinidia polygama, which is purely natural and non-toxic plant strongly attracts cats. A study shows that 80% of the cats those do not react to traditional catnip have very positive reactions to the silvervine.

A few questions help to understand.

1. How do we know if the cats like silvervine or not? When your cats tend to be meowing, drooling, pouncing on things, dilated pupils, or rolling around, generally act playfully, you bet—they are lucky enough to enjoy the silvervine.

2. Is silvervine safe?

This is mostly concerned by cats parents, especially those who don’t know this before.

Silvervine works very well, it is just like a hemp to cats but it is purely natural and safe. Silvervine grows mostly in mountainous areas in north east of China and some in Japan, average altitude 900 meters, with cold temperature, hardly no insects could survive so no insecticides are necessary, they just grow wildly and naturally, local people take the fruits to improve their immune system and keep healthy.

3. What is the benefits to the cats from silvervine? Silvervine can help the cats to relieve the stress and anxiety especially those are kept at home all day…do not forget cats are originally wild, they love hunting outside. Staying at home all day make most of the cats anxious and even mental depression, some become very fat… so you can give them Asiasilvervine cat toys which are great companions when cats are staying at home, the Asiasilvervine cat toys are designed with many lovely shapes cats instinctively sensitive like birds, snakes, mouse, etc… Or, you can simply give them our Asiasilvervine sticks to relieve their anxiety, keep them happy and keep their teeth clean and healthy.

Overall, silvervine is safe to cats, helps cats control weight, relieve stress and anxiety, teeth cleaning and oral health,… but if there is one single reason, that is love. Love your cats, give them silvervine.

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