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"My cat doesn’t react to catnip but she is just crazy about the Silvervine! It is MAGIC!!This is just awesome!! I have three cats all of them love it."


"Both of my cats are loving these silvervine cat toys! The silvervine scent is strong and the effect shows. I could’t get a clear picture becasuse he was too happy and playing."


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Purely Natural Silvervine Series

Three treasures of natural Silvervine:Fruits,roots & trunks,leaves.Matatabi as a natural cordial for kitties in Japan,The fruits were used for cats' treats;Roots and Trunks were cut into different sizes for natural cat toys for chewing and playing,while the leaves were minced into powder adding into the fabric cat toys,or spread onto the cat scratchers.

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One of the development with roots & trunks and leaves is cat toy

Based on different roots & trunks size,we chose them to use as arms and legs or other parts of Eco-friendly fabric toys,the flavors born with the Silvrvine give cats many great effect,make cats happy,calm and relax.

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Development two with roots & trunks and leaves is our cat teaser wands series

Natural clean feathers and silvervine combination is great cat teaser wands toys,which increases the interactive feeling between cats and cat parents,release the anxiety of cats who live in-doors with loneliness and pressure,greatly enhance the cats' life quality.

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Cat Tree with Silver vine

Real wood with one-touch connectors and replaceable parts , very easy assembling cat tree products. Contains natural Silvervine in the scratching pad.

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Cat Bed

When you pet a cat,do not ignore the naturally derived instinct of hiding and jumping,which we call it "vertical" needs.According to this instinct, we develop a series of products for cats' life space.

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