Are you aware of the natural trend benefit your cats

02 Apr 2020

If you buy cat toys for your cats, you may be aware of the coming trend of a special cat toy. It does not differentiate much whether you shop on line or buy in stores, you will notice there are more and more NATURAL products for cats and dogs, among them the toys made from silvervine is definitely more and more catching your eyes.


From the food, treats to other accessories include toys, you will find more and more brands are tending to choose natural ingredients/materials, right? As a member of the earth, we got to live natural life to avoid as less waste as we can to save our mother planet—the earth. Along with Covid-19 spreading out, many people tend to realize the importance of caring our mother earth, we take too much from her but re-back much less, nevertheless, we hurt her by asking for too much and leaving too much waste to her.

Imagine how burdensome she is, the earth is never tired of our asking but she cannot take pressure over her control, there happens some bad reactions, virus is one of them. People ate wild animals who should have been our friends or neighbors living together on the earth…

Well, it is getting too far to our title today… but it does have relationship with what we are going to talk about…

Why silvervine toys for cat?

There are thousands of articles nowadays on the internet you can find to explain to you what is silvervine? Is it safe? How does it work? Etc… So, I am not here to teach you what it is and how it works… I am assuring you it is a 100% natural plant grows in northeast mountainous areas of my hometown, where I grew up together with my childhood, I ate there fruits which our ancestors have been telling us it is very good to our health, it is a famous herb used in Chinese herbs cured a lot of diseases…

No concerns about using silvervine cat toy with your cats? You may wonder why does my cat need a silvervine toy? – The sticks look just like normal trees sticks, the leaves powder looks no difference with all other miced leaves everywhere in the world, why not any of other toys look fascinating and beautiful?

Great question!

Simply, the actinidia polygama contained in the silivervine drives the cat happy! Instinctively and naturally.

If your cat stays a lot of time at home, silvervine toy will be his/her best friend when you are absent;

If your cat is too quiet every day, silvevine toy will make him/her excited;

If your cat is overweight, he/she must need a silvervine toy which can attact him/her all day along for exercisement, it does not work all day exactly but after 20 or 30 mins playing, your cat will come back to the toy again.

If… you love your cat, give them the natural silvervine toy.

Of course, you would be more than welcome to visit our web: to find more information about the silvervine cat toys, more blogs are there for helping understanding as well.

So, this trend is a natural trend, a healthy trend, a trend with full of love, not only to our cats, but also to our mother planet.

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