Does cat eat this wild fruit silvervine

27 Jul 2020

We grew up by the green hills and green waters, full of wildflowers and wild fruits. The wildflowers fold down to You know what? I brought my cat home when he was only 90 days old, taking care of his food, water, skins, ears, nails and all health cares that every cat parents must have “enjoyed”--- yes, indeed it was joyful because we love it! Isn’t it? Even scoop his shits become a wreath on the girl's head. The wild fruits can be eaten after they are picked. Childlike memories remain on this land; after growing up, I left this small town, came to urban life and has my own pet career from year of 2003. 17 years in this industry l love, I know cats are interested in catnip. I also know that there is a material called silvervine, not like catnip, it is natural and rare to see…

In 2008, a friend of mine made cat scratching pads and exported them exclusively to Japan. He said that Japanese customer stated that the fruit powder of silvervine should be added in the cat scratching pad. I was very curious why this was nominated? Since we used very little material for cat climbing trees, we stopped continuing to study; in November 2017, CIPS customers gave me a dried tiny fruit for me to look for. It’s a bit familiar to see this dry thing, but it’s not easy to confirm what it is… so, we started the search for raw materials. . .

One day, I seem to have found a secret right next to me. I took the fruit and showed it to the people in my hometown. They said that this is exactly a wild fruit on the mountain (scientific name: silvervine)? The things you ate when you were young, astringent feeling, a bit numb; suddenly remembered this thing of childhood, in order to make sure of it, we look up the information, ask friends who have done similar products, and finally we confirmed, this wild fruit when I was a child was exactly what we have been looking for. I can eat it, so can my cat baby, and it loves it more than I do, ha ha ha. . . .this discovery really made me happy!

With this confirmed result, we began to increase our efforts in the production and development of this product, and wanted to give this pure natural gift to our cat babies; when the parents heard that this dried fruit-silvervine was what we were looking for and cats love it… they were so happy because that means they can keep working and also making some benefits by selling this gift from nature!

It is now the growth period of gall fruits, says silvervine fruits, and the picking period of the leaves. Due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, we cannot go back to our hometown to take videos for everyone so I asked a favor from my peasants and fatherhoods to do the work. The whole picking process allows my mother to get back to the mountain which accompanies her whole life. In the mood, my father is responsible for taking pictures, going home for post-processing, and sending us the leaf powder that we made, letting my cat eat it first, and seeing how it looks, I laughed again.

Asiasilvervine is a brand that specializes in the production of natural silvervine products both leaves and fruits. The brand is young, but the mountain behind it has more than 1000 years of history. We are willing to share the mountain gifts with everyone. Happy cats and happy farmers. . Revel in Silvervine Wolrd!

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