Does every cat need a Silvervine cat toy

11 Jun 2020

Now that you all know AsiasilverVine is a silvervine cat toy brand, as I explained previously we sourced natural materials from my hometown mountainous areas, and processed in our own villages with our local farmers… and you should all have known how good is the silvervine to feline animals, especially cats, so I am not to convince you to buy an Asiasilvervine cat toy for your cat!

Because… I found my cat does not react actively to silvervine at all.

You know what? I brought my cat home when he was only 90 days old, taking care of his food, water, skins, ears, nails and all health cares that every cat parents must have “enjoyed”--- yes, indeed it was joyful because we love it! Isn’t it? Even scoop his shits.

I was very excited to plant cat grasses but he did not eat it at all…I was very excited to show him our silvervine leaves, fruits, sticks and toys filled with silvervine… BUT, he did not react very well, either.

Sometimes I was puzzled do I pet a cat? Yes, it looks really like a cat when I found he played with our hamster, ohh I see, that is his favorite cat toy!

Every morning when I woke up, he was watching closely at the hamster, trying to catch him from the cage, every night when I cannot find my cat, I can always find him behind the hamster cage…

Well, I am not saying that my cat does not like silvervine toys, he plays with it as well when he is put into his own cage for sleep every night, but he does not eat or even smell at catnip. I think he belongs to those 80% who do not react actively to catnip but react positively to silvervine.

And yes, Silvervine does work better than catnip. There is a famous guy in Germany developed a magic formula( blend silvervine with catnip by certain percent) and it was said that formula works great. I am personally rejected to that idea because I think every cat has its own instinct, if he likes silvervine is silvervine, if he likes catnip, then it is a catnip cat.

So, if your cat reacts well to silvervine, congratulations! He is a lucky cat because silvervine works great on cats health, and you have Asiasilvervine as his ever best choice.

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