How can we entertain our cats during Coronavirus spreading out days

26 Feb 2020

Cats do not need us to accompany them all day along like dogs, if you have enough toys especially silvervine cat toy…. Umm that makes great difference.

When the Coronavirus is spreading out these days, every one of Chinese was staying at home, we have to spend every day with our family, our pets, no matter you like it or not, you just got no choice.

Some people hate this, some people dislike it but accept it calmly, whatever, we can do nothing against this. Staying at home is safe to ourselves and to the other people as well. People who have a cat do not have to go out to walk their cat, but people who have a dog have to go out to walk their dog every day, this caused some tragedy as we saw it from internet some dogs were abandoned or even killed… Nevertheless, having a cat with you at home during the Coronavirus is very peaceful and curing for our bad emotion.

In the year of 2012, Japan suffered tsunami disaster, many Japanese acquired peace from their cats, cats are always that calm, they can take very good care of themselves. They save you up when you are deeply down, they encourage you to survive for love.

Obviously, having a cat is a great life option.

But, do you know your cats are not god? The cats need to relax their tensions as well. Especially when everyone is staying at home, cats’ space was partially occupied… what shall we do? Do you want your cat to play with you? Sorry the answer is negative, cats do not play with us but they can play by their own if you have prepared toys, toys those they love naturally and instinctively are silvervine cat toys, Studies and reports declare cats react very positively to natural silvervine both leaves and roots, those special flavors make them feel very relaxed and promote immune system recycling.

Asiasilvervine professionally handmade cat toys both silvervine leaves and silvervine roots, satisfying different kinds of cats, offering best relax to cats, naturally and instinctively, most importantly, very safe without any harm to cats health.

So, pet your cats, give them Asiasilvervine cat toys!

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