How Sweet Pet Reduce Purchasing Cost on Cat Trees - Episode Three

28 Jul 2017

As a professional and experienced cat tree manufacturer of cat trees, Sweet Pet Products want to share what we are doing for high effectiveness and reducing the purchasing cost.

1. Material

Sweet pet products follows IQC strictly: all incoming have to be inspected before put into mass production of #cattree.

Sweet Pet Products has 14 years’ manufacturing experiences and keep cooperating with trusted suppliers. With highly agreed understanding about business principle and quality standard, Sweet Pet has been supplying customers high quality products.

2. Equipment

The whole manufacturing process applies computers control, like particle board cutting, plush cutting and so on. If we input right size, we will get correct output.

3. Manufacturing process

Processing standard card used. First Article Inspection is the important regulation of Sweet factory. The details and problems will be recorded in order to check and revise.

QC staffs(in green) are in workshop with workers(in orange), checking the quality of each batch products. The defects will be found and dealt with in time.

Operating on assembling line

Final Quality Control Happens before packaging to confirm the final products, such as appearance, function and so on.

4. Management

Reasonable manage system guarantee everything works in order. Clean and tidy surrounding create a zone full of comfort and energy.

Arrange production in easiest and fastest way, from details discussing, material inputting or final inspection.

5. Staff

All workers can be on the line after training and examination. Qualified staff members will guarantee the high effective work.

There will set a clear and simple diagrams on the assembling line, which will guide workers to work in faster way.

Sweet pet products has been aiming at providing high quality products to customers. We are committed to being more competitive by increasing efficiency and standardizing the total manufacturing process and help our customers get much fulfillment.

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