How to entertain your cat with a Silvervine Cat toy

06 Feb 2020

Everyone who have a cat at home must know a truth, that cats are different with dogs. Dogs can play with a dog toy for one whole afternoon if you do not take it away, but cat does not. You need to serve your cat, like the honest and loyal servant you ever seen in the history.

Even so, you will desperately find that your cat does not often like the toys given to her, or her interest does not last long at all. Usually those toys were designed nicely with beautiful or funny shapes people like and think cat would like, too. But sadly, the answer is negative.

What attract cats attention most is not a beautiful or funny shape, not a mouse or a bird, or a snake like you read in the legend stories… It is a flavor, sending out from the Silvervine, a plant wildly grow in mountainous areas of North-East China, AND, with high altitude and wild growth environment you never need to worry about the pesticide residue like a labor planted catnip grass, although those sellers claim they are safe. Look at the picture we taken from the mountain, is there any concern of pesticide? No, of course not.

As we have learned from the previous articles, cats are naturally sensitive to the flavors from the silvervine, even among those do not react to catnip, 80% will be responding positively to the silvervine, like rolling, drolling, meowing, dribbling, etc… yes, you need to know your cats find her love – the silvervine-from the nature. And when we process the natural gifts with our traditional fabric or feather toys, we will entertain or serve your cats queen with much more great fun.

Look back to the traditional cat toys, a chicken feather teaser wand, a rabbit fur mouse, a fabric snake, we know those shapes arise the cats natural hunting instinct, with the combination of our finest workers, we will have those toys loved by the cats, even they do not move like an alive one.

See, would you be happy with your cats’ happiness? Yes, I do, when we love my cat, what can make me happy is her happiness. If the silvervine cat toy can arise her interest, relive her tensions staying at home all days along, helps her immune system works better… that would be the greatest thing I can ever do for her.

With Asiasilvervine cat toys, we won’t feel guilty because leaving my cat at home alone ‘cause we know she has her enjoy, the gift from the nature - Silvervine.

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