How to make cats happy with silver vine

11 Mar 2020

Both dogs and cats are great friends and companions to our human being, but petting a dog is totally different with petting a cat. Dogs make you happy, they pull you ,drag you, the urge you to take them out, did you ever see a cat positively come to entertain you? Or ask you to take them out for a walk? Haha, nope.

Petting a cat sometimes like admiring a king or arrogant lady, you always try to make them happy but they seldom look at you with even one glance. Yes, they have their own world. I believe this is common feeling to most of the cat owners. But, is it true? Is there anything which can change this embarrassing situation?

The answer is yes! Only if you found silver vine, the best gift from nature which most of the cats react very positively, even among those who do not react to catnip, there are still 80% have active response to silver vine—The study from APPA shows.

Silver vine is also called actinidia polygama, or gall fruits or matatabi, is growing mostly in 900m above mountainous areas of north-east China and some in Japan, but north-east China has the best resources due to the natural weather.

It looks like this:

How delicious do they look like? The flavor attracts cats naturally, and is purely wild grow without any insecticides. When cats found the silver vine, they will be behaving like rolling, meowing, sniffing, and they come to play with you--- of course, play with the silver vine.

Silver vine makes cats fully relaxed, you can call it hemp to cats because the effect works out very like hemp to human, but the big difference is, silver vine 100% safe to our cats! Cats only benefit from the silver vine.

In my hometown mountains, there are many silver vine trees they come through winter covered by heavy snow, they bear natural fruits – the gall fruits for cats, people in our village eat the fruits as well. Asiasilvervine is a brand we created and owned because we know this is the best gift you can ever give to your cats! With 100% handmade and proudly designs, Asiasilvervine is becoming the leading brand of silver vine products, and only for cats!

I can never imagine those trees all over the mountains, those fruits we used to eat, will become such popular and great products to cats, even when I had a cat in our childhood…

What a miracle gift, isn’t it?

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