The magical pumpkin silver vine cat toys deceive the souls who visit on Halloween

01 Nov 2019

Halloween can be traced back to the Celtic new year, Samhain. In addition to welcoming the new year, this festival also celebrates the harvest. Puritans banned the festival because they rejected its non Puritan elements and witchcraft. But Halloween, with its emphasis on harvest and fuzzy margin, was gradually revived into a secular festival with religious color in the 19th century and spread all over the world.

As a Celtic New Year's samhan Festival, people usually set up bonfires and make up. Bonfires have the function of purification. The purpose of camouflage is to deceive the visiting spirits and make them think they are the same kind without hurting themselves. People also use turnips or beetheads as lanterns to represent spirits or the dead. So,the earliest "Jack O Lantern" was not made of pumpkins.

Although today's Halloween retains or draws lessons from many samhan festival customs, Clark believes that Halloween can be understood as a kind of educational activity of children's ritual and parent-child interaction; cats have become the most popular family members, and naturally interact with cat children; to avoid the dead hurting cat children, all kinds of costumes and toys are prepared, and naturally "Jack O Lantern" is indispensable Pumpkin cat toys, and if you add silver vine to the pumpkin cat toys, it will drive your cats very very happy!

Dr. John Bradshaw's "cat sense" was written to silver vine. We cleverly combined the felt with the leaf powder of natural silver vine to make a pumpkin cat toy for cats.

Silver Vine can really help indoor cats to obtain physical and mental health, while the natural growth of Silver Vine has a slightly better stimulating effect and safety.

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