The “natural” and “organic” trend in Orlando Global Pet Expo 2020

04 Mar 2020

According to the interview made by chairman of China Great Wall Exhibition Co., Ltd, more and more brands are tending to choose natural and organic materials for their products, covering from foods to accessories especially toys. Consumers tend to buy high end products for their pets, because pets are family, pets are innocent, pets are babies.

Food and supplies enterprises will develop from natural to organic at the global pet Expo in 2020, which is reflected in the trend of environmental protection and sustainable development of packaging and commodities.

The proportion of organic materials used in food is large, mainly in the formula of main materials; and some American companies use hemp ingredients, which costs 5 cents, but the value of goods increases by two to three times;

The use of natural materials in cat litter has created new manufacturers in Brazil (Argentina mineral light material cat litter, wood cut cat litter) and other countries, which is worth our consideration of Chinese manufacturers;

A Japanese company produces plastic bags for outdoor pets. The poop of pets can't smell bad in the bags, and the materials can be degraded;

A part of snack canning manufacturers changed from the original filling packaging to plastic packaging. The theme of environmental protection and sustainability of materials is gradually applied in the pet industry.

It is a matter for many enterprises to pay attention to the environmental protection of materials.

As a toy manufacturer of cat products, we are honored to embark on the development and production trend of organic products.

The silver vine cat toys are mentioned during the interview as more and more cat parents become to know this special gift from nature.

You may be puzzled --- what? Silver vine?

Well, if you’ve never heard of “silver vine”, it is the lucky day for you and for you lovely kitties,

This thing can make your cats completely relaxed, rolling, meowing, playing, those signals tell you that you cats are loving it- the natural silver vine, which wildly grow in north-east mountainous areas of China and some areas in Japan, over 900m high altitude and much longer growing time, in winter it is protected by snow, in spring it is nourished by the water melted from snow, it absorbs the essence of nature and grows freely and happily in the mountains, it bears fruits in the May which is another great gift from the nature to the cats because cats love to eat them, some people call them gall fruits. The fruits bear great flavors attractive to the cats as well. Means everything from the silver vine from the leaves, roots and fruits, are great gifts cats love.

With full love to cats, our professional team designs and creates many funny shapes for cats, of course, with the nature’s gift- Silver vine, that is our brand Asiasilvervine. We all know cats are very sensitive to moving/flying objects like birds, they are instinctively sensitive to snakes and mouse, so most of the toys made of fabrics which do not move cannot attract cats to play, or they can be very easily bored with those dumb toys. But it will totally change if you combine the dumb toys with our silver vine, you will find cats just love to play with them, yes, they can play with them for a long time, and they will come back to play again if they played like 20 mins previously, so you see, the silver vine works great with cats and lasts longer time than traditional catnip.

The key point about silver vine to me is, safety. As a naturally grow plant, there is definitely no pesticides used during the silver vine’s growth—Imagine any farmers can climb 900m high to spray pesticides? But human planted catnip will do, farmers have to use pesticides to kill insects or worms which eat the cat grass. Do you want your cats to play with pesticides, of course not.

So, pet your cats like pet your babies, give them safest natural silver vine cat toys. Asiasilvervine, gifts born from the nature.

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