What do we get in return for nature's gift of Silvervine

08 Jan 2020

As the cat's favorite plant, Silvervine comes from the feeding of rivers, lakes and seas, from the moistening of the sun, moon and stars. Silvervine is the cat's favorite, and the gift of nature.

It's amazing. Who could have thought that these humble plants in the mountains of Northeast China are the favorite of cats?

When I was still a kid, I especially loved small animals. In my mind, I had at least five dogs and two cats. However, the cats finally ran away from home, which made me heart-breaking twice. Even a kid loved cats as me fell into an indescribable "resentment"... Like most people who don’t really understand cats, I felt that cats were not loyal and could not be kept. Later on, the study became more and more arduous. Junior high school, high school and college …I had no time to pet cats and dogs. Then, the concern for these close friends of human beings was deeply buried in the bottom of my heart, never extinguished, but gradually intensified.

I remember that my first job after graduation was computer. At that time, the Internet was in the ascendant, and computer was regarded as a promising industry. However, facing the cold machine every day, I gradually lost my direction in life. Making money is important, but why did I make money? If I am not happy to make money, what's the point of making money? In 2004, by chance but destined, I entered the pet industry and chose to manufacture jumping platform and furniture for cats. Although at that time, the pet industry in China was very weak and humble, but I was very happy, because my work had my love and deep love for cats. Every process from product design to technological process was accompanied by deep love.

Just like what I'm doing today, I'm very happy to find this plant for cats. Although it's not my discovery, I never thought that the place where I grew up, the big mountain, the yellow wild fruit, was the cat's favorite in the natural world. The plant makes the cat happy, releases the mental pressure, and makes the cats infatuated, every time watching them immersed in the world of nature, my heart seems to fly with them.

The product design of asiasilvervine is based on the natural instinct that cats love to chase and hunt. It uses environmental protection materials and natural silvervine to create the shapes of various birds and mice. The designers even use ancient Greek legends to make snakes from silvervine material for cats... wow, snake? It sounds terrible, doesn't it? I was very afraid of snakes when I was a kid, but since cats like it so much, it can make them happy and healthy. Don't say snakes, even elephants, I won’t be afraid. In the process of providing cats with play, these toys with various shapes provide cats with multiple entertainment and release of mental pressure due to the addition of pure natural silvervine leaf powder. Well, if your cat starts rolling, drooling, chasing, then congratulations, it has found her favorite gift from the nature. When you hold a silvervine toy, the cat will approach you actively, and you will be very happy for the cat's happiness, won’t you?

What you will see the mountain below is our silvervine base, also where I grew up. Through the orderly organization of mining and replanting, this mountain full of silvervine grows year after year, full of spring and autumn fruits. The environment and resources have been protected, the income of the villagers has been improved, and the stable supply and quality of raw materials of silvervine have been guaranteed. Asiasiasialvervine silvervine cat toy, make your love to cats full of love!

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