What Is The Silvervine Cat Toy

23 Sep 2019

The main producing area Silver Vine is Asia, which distributes in Northeast, Northwest and Southwest China. The average altitude is about 500 meters. It climbs along rocks and lives in the jungle. Because of the different temperature and humidity in different areas, the concentration ratio of tenuifolide in Silver Vine has different effects. Silver Vine in Northeast China has a long growth cycle due to cold weather, relatively strong odor and long residue time, which is conducive to storage. Asia Silver Vine blooms in May, and is picked from September to October. The fruit is generally picked before the fruit turns yellow, which helps to keep the integration of spice and sugar, and is not easy to be too sweet.

Nowadays, most cats live indoors. Cats raised indoors are more likely to become bored and depressed than cats freely scattered outside, so indoor environment determines their quality of life. When cats are alone, they need better environmental characteristics to improve their quality of life, such as vertical space. Configuration, hiding place, itchy disposition, playing and chasing opportunities, etc. Lack of free outdoor cat or lack of indoor environment disposition will lead to some problems in cat behavior: aggressive, destructive behavior and lower urinary tract diseases, together with today's dietary ratios and nutritional supplements, more and more. Obesity, anorexia or loss of appetite in cats can endanger their health. Although the cat's living environment is constantly improving, the American Cat Doctors Association recognizes the importance of environmental odor to cats, but it is a problem often overlooked by cat-raising groups. Odor stimulation is an environmental theme that cats cannot be ignored.

We all know that cats have a sensitive sense of smell and respond positively to certain odors, such as cat mint, which is a herb that allows most cats to react quickly. According to the American Cat Doctors Association, 68% of cats responded to cat mint and almost 75% of cats responded to Silver Vine. Scientific data show that Silver Vine contains a relatively high concentration of tenuifolide. How to stimulate the cat's sense of smell to give indoor cats a good living environment, silverveine cat toys is a good choice. The dried gall fruit and Silver Vine powder are the most popular among domestic cats. Asia Silver Vine seems to be a good alternative to cat mint for domestic cats that do not respond to cat mint.

Asia Silver vine is a brand specializing in the design and production of silvervine cat toy and related products related to cat olfactory stimulation. Since 2000, our products have been exported to Japan, and the application of MATATABI has been used by Japanese people till now. It is mostly used for cat's play and biting. After years of trial and comparison, we choose the roots, fruits and leaves of Silver Vine to make corresponding cat toys. Rhizome, small odor residue for a long time; fruit sweet, mostly used for licking; leaves strong odor, generally used for filling.

Cats’ behaviors descriptions after playing with silvervine cat toy.

Sniffing The cat smells the plant material by inhaling air through its nose.

Licking The cats tongue protrudes from its mouth and strokes the plant material.

Shaking head The cat rotates its head from side to side with the plant material in its mouth.

Rubbing (chin) The cat rubs its chin against the plant material.

Rubbing (cheek) The cat rubs its cheek against the plant material.

Rolling on back The cat rolls onto its back, with its belly exposed and all paws in the air.

Raking a The cat makes kicking movements with one or both hind legs against the plant material held by the cat, usually with both fore paws.

Drooling The cat produces excess saliva that is visible outside of the cat’s mouth.

Undulating skin (back) Wavelike motion of the cat’s skin in the dorsal lumbosacral region as the underlying cutaneous trunci muscles rhythmically contract and relax. Associated with arousal during play. Not to be confused with feline hyperesthesia syndrome.

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