Why Cat Parents Choose Sweet Cat Tree

10 Nov 2017

Cat owners always feel confused when they go for gifts for their kittens, especially on big items, like cat tree . Cat trees give cats more vertical space in nowadays’ limited apartment. That’s why it’s called CAT TREE. How to choose cat tree is a important topic cat owners need learn. We also made study on it. Today we will demonstrate the study by samples.

Mr Bai is one of Sweet Pet and keep us companied. We believe we will make safe and confortable product out with his help.

Qualified Particle Board

The particle board on the market is categorized by E0, E1,E2 and CARB board. The E1 particle board is widely used, also permitted in the room interior finish in China. While it doesn’t mean it is not the safest choice just as people will not live in the house once the decoration come to end. Sweet pet insists applying the CARB particle board, which obey the regulation of California Air Resources Board published in 2008, which has the strictest standard on formaldehyde emission. Safety is the first we take into consideration.

Washable and Detachable Feature

We make the cat cave in detachable style. There are vecro buttons fixed on the upper board and bottom board, then the felt strip wrapped on the board. It helps people assemble the cave and save much space. Many people will not be scared by the large box anymore. Moreover, the felt can be washed at ant time. You just need peel it off and brush it softly. It is also the time to clear the cave to build a clean and comfortable room.

Felty fun

We dare to break the routine, applying the high quality felt instead of traditional plush. I believe you know how annoying to clear the long hair plush scratched by cats. You don’t need worry about that after getting one felt-made cat tree. We have done test on the durability of the felt and got the positive result.

Auyomatic Machine Applied

Laser curving machine, plate-cutting machine and cotton filling machine make the whole manufactiring process highly efficient. Products is manufactured in a assembling line. Each working procedure has been paid attention to, which gurantee the quality.

Economic and environmental

The material cut down from will be used on the small mouse cat toys, while the part cut from the hole will be made as the bowl mat. Sweet pet aims at to be an environmental institution on condition of cost control.

There’s no reason that thee owner will refuse the cat tress brings cats much safe and comfort, bring themselves much inconvenience.

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