How to keep an indoor cat happy with Silver Vine?

28 Oct 2019

From ancient Rome to England, to Australia, to the whole world, with the gradual domestication of cats, more and more cats have become close companions of human beings. As a good interactive tool, cat toys, especially Silver Vine cat toy, have greatly helped parents to establish and maintain a close relationship with cats.

However, our parents are still confused. Is my cat really like me? What can I do to make it live a happy life? Different from wild cats, indoor cats have different physiological and psychological needs to maintain physical and mental health. Among the 11 techniques mentioned in the book ≪Cat Sense≫ written by Dr. John Bradshaw to keep indoor cats happy, the words "provide a basin of fresh catnip" and "play with cats at least several times a day" are explicitly mentioned. Giving him a game like toy might satisfy his desire to hunt, especially if he had seen birds flying through the window. Always change toys to keep the cat interested."

Why does catnip or Silver Vine have positive effect on cats?

From this we can see that cat toys play an extremely important role in the process of establishing and enhancing intimate relationship. So why do cats need "a pot of fresh catnip"? Scientists have yet to figure out why cats respond to catnip, which is a traditional ingredient in cat toys. But not all cats respond to it. A single gene controls whether a cat will respond to it. In many cats, it may be one-third of them, but in those that do not respond to cat mint, about 80% of them will respond to Silver Vine. When your cats behave like below, you will know that they have found catnip or Silver Vine.

1.Rolling around


3.Dilated pupils

4.Running around

5.Pouncing on things

6.Generally act playful

All of the above shows that your cat has a positive response to catnip or Silver Vine, which reminds people of the female cat in the estrous season. Most cats will also drool and try to lick cat mint, which may last for several minutes at a time, guiding the cat to eventually walk away, but if the toy stays where it is, the cat may repeat the whole sequence after 20 to 30 minutes, although the intensity may be weakened. In this process, your cat has been fully released from the spirit to the body, so there is no doubt that catnip and Silver Vine are of great benefit to the cat's physical and mental health.

Why Silver Vine works better and more safe?

Now, then, there are new problems. It is safe to give it to your cats? Catnip is a member of the mint plants family. For you and me, it may be a beautiful but common plant, but cat has a completely different understanding of it. Then there is the root vine of kiwifruit plant, silver vine, which is rich in parts of China and Japan; However, please note that there is a significant difference between catnip and Silver Vine, although they are similar in composition.

First of all, experiments show that silver vine has twice the stimulation and pacification effect as traditional catnip.

Secondly, but also more importantly, in the process of artificial cultivation of cat grass, in order to avoid insect pests, a large number of pesticides are used. Will this part of pesticides remain in cat grass, how much and whether it will be harmful to cats’ health? These are some reasonable concerns that cannot be avoided. While Silver Vine is naturally grown in mountain areas. In addition to absorbing the essence of heaven, earth and moon, it does not use any pesticides in the whole growth process. Therefore, only 100% wild planted plants such as Silver Vine is truly natural and organic products that are beneficial to the health of cats, including the addition of Silver Vine to traditional fabric toys, as well as the roots and branches of Silver Vine. Our natural cat toys are the safest we can give to cats.

Therefore, catnip or Silver Vine can really help indoor cats to obtain physical and mental health, while the natural growth of Silver Vine has a slightly better stimulating effect and safety.

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